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TUSKEGEE was incorporated in 1843. The momentum that occurred during the rest of the 1800's established the City's reputation as an educational powerhouse.


TUSKEGEE has wisely preserved its history while simultaneously preparing for the years ahead. Today, it still has old world charm with a city center dominated by the town square. There you will find a serene park, quaint storefronts and genuine southern hospitality. The future will usher in a new era of progress and prosperity that will include healthy nurturing of tourism by business and government leaders and friendly overtures from residents. We hope you take us seriously when we say it's time to rediscover Tuskegee.


TUSKEGEE, the home of Tuskegee University, is located 40 miles east of Montgomery. Located in Macon County, the city is home to Tuskegee University and as the home of the famous Tuskegee Airmen it is also "the cradle of Black aviation" in America.


Visitors will find Tuskegee a beautiful city with rolling hills, spruce pines, lakes, streams and meadows naturally accenting the topography.


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